Whiteninglightning.com Website Review & Ratings + Whitening Lightning Coupons
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Whiteninglightning.com Website Review & Ratings + Whitening Lightning Coupons

Whitening Lightning is provider of premier teeth whitening products.  It offers teeth whitening alternative with a faster result right at the comfort of your home or anywhere outside the dentist’s clinic.  This is unbelievably true!  If you have a recurring problem on how to make your dark shaded teeth magnificently white, then you are in, to this next big thing in oral care – the Whitening Lightning, at its speed and efficiency.

Whitening Lightning comes in different packages as indicated hereunder:

Whitening Lightning has recently diversified into new product lines as listed below:

Whitening Lightning has set a new trend  in terms of oral care, giving way to a significant milestone at the fore.  Their products are now available in over eighty (80) countries.  Acceptable forms of payment include MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover Network.

Whitening Lightning: What makes it different?

Whitening Lightning: What Makes It Different?

Key Differentiators

Whitening Lightning outshines other competitors for its innovative, trendy and unique products that dazzle the customers.  With its launching of new product lines, there is no known competitor that offers the same complete range of products, from teeth whitening to its latest-apparels.  Its website is so fast and user friendly for customer satisfaction.  The following are the product attributes which are sure fire to win more customers:

  • It is handy and easy to use.

The Super Booster Pen is really handy and easy to use – no more trays and no more strips.   If you want to whiten your teeth and get the results whenever you want, this easy-to-carry-pen suits your needs. One will just have to paint the teeth, then let dry for one minute and sleep on it. There is no awful taste, no mess and no more teeth sensitivity that would bother you.

  • Complete oral care

The teeth whitening products are not just to restore the whiteness of teeth but anti bacteria and breath freshener  as well. 

  • Delivery within USA  as long as the minimum order requirement is placed.  There is free shipping for $75 or more worth of ordered products. There is money back guarantee.
  • Diversity of Product Line

The new product lines received good reviews from satisfied customers and were featured in InStyle, Ok, and US Magazine.

In all its totality – the high quality diversified product lines of Whitening Lightning delivered with equal high quality service, made Whitening Lightning a choice of wise consumers for their teeth whitening and other beauty product needs.

Whitening Lightning vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Whitening Lightning)

Whitening Lightning vs. Main Competitors

Though there are no known competitors with the same complete product lines, we will consider the following  as the closest rivals   since their products are teeth whitening too:

www.Crest 3D White Whitestrips 2-Hour Express.com and www.Love That White Smile Whitening System.com.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips 2-Hour Express.com

It is a teeth whitening peroxide-infused product which is applied for two hours every three months. Each kit contains 4 treatments, thus, it could  last for one year.


  • The strip stays in place
  • Easy to apply and peel off 
  • Available coupon
  • Whitens the teeth 
  • Money back guarantee 


  • Expensive
  • Causes tooth sensitivity
  • Left bad taste in mouth
  • Need to use over and over

       Though Crest 3D White Whitestrips 2hour Express is nice, Whitening Lightning beats it in terms of high quality and complete oral care because Whitening Lightning has anti bacterial component and freshens breath as well.

www.Love That White Smile Whitening System.com


  • Gentle for sensitive teeth
  • Whitens in 3 days
  • Appropriate for sensitive teeth
  • Easy to use
  • Takes 60-second of brushing teeth


  • Maximum whitening period is 30 days continuous usage but needs dentist’s approval when using beyond 2 weeks

Though Love That White Smile Whitening System product is fantastic too, Whitening Lightning is still better in terms of its complete oral care  which is not mentioned in Love That White Smile Whitening System.     

Whitening Lightning: Pricing & packages

Whitening Lightning: Pricing & Packages

The following are the specific prices and other package information of each Whitening Lightning product:

Super Booster Pen: $79

Super Booster Pen: 2-Pk - $158

Zero White Whitening Pen: $79

Refill Gel: $39

Refill Whitening Kit: $49

Dial A Smile Professional Whitening Kit: $399

Dial A Smile Kit and Pen Combo: $478

Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss: 3-Pk - $99

Lip Gloss-Vilu: $38

Lip Gloss-Crystal: $38

Lip Gloss-Icicle: $38


Crest 3D White Whitestrips 2Hour Express Kit: $54.99 CAD

Love That White Smile Whitening System: $49.95 CAD

            At the outset, it would be hard to gauge and impractical too, to compare the pricing of the three companies because assuming they do offer the same price, the number of days the product last may vary as well as the duration it will produce fast results.

    On the other hand, if we just look at the whole price range and its packaging, we can say that the price/s of Whitening Lightning would fare better in the long run considering the refill package and the number of treatment application it offers.

Whitening Lightning: Product images & screenshots
Whitening Lightning Coupons
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Whitening Lightning: Customer reviews & comments

Reviews & Comments on Whitening Lightning From Around the Web

Customer Reviews and Feedbacks

Hereunder are some of the customer feedbacks from around the web.

I love this product.  It is so easy to use and you see results almost overnight.  I would never pay the dentist to whiten my teeth because it was so expensive.  This is a great and reasonable alternative and I can do it right at home.  You rock!!!

Wow how easy is this! Home Kits are the greatest. I'll be flashing my smile everywhere. Time flies... it only takes 20 minutes and I relaxed and read a magazine at the same time. I got 7 shades of improvement. No pain, no trays, no strips and gone are the 7 days it use to take to get it done and I loved doing it in my PJ's here at home. 

The Super Booster Whitening Pen is amazing! My teeth are at least 8 shades lighter in only 2 weeks. It's so easy to use too.

BELLA recommends Whitening Lightning's Dial a Smile Professional Teeth Whitening System. 
Stop being embarrassed by yellow stained teeth from coffee, wine, or other products that tarnish your teeth. With Dial a Smile you can get your teeth whiter at home in only 20 minutes for the BELLA on the go!

I love this kit!!!!!! It was so easy to use and I was even able to do it in my office while I answered my email. In 20 minutes, my teeth were gleaming! What could be better than that?   

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This is an exceptionally good first review! I am believing you are going to do well here. Just take your time. Am voting this one up.

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Very good and useful review..........thanks for this!!!

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Whitening Lightning is an attractive topic. Thanks for the information. Thank you also for friendship.

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Came back to vote. Thank you for your affectionate friendship.

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Thanks again.. Cheers for the friendship, Paulose :)

This is such a great review. Excellent work.

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Thanks for the compliment, Martin. :)

This is definitely an affordable alternative compared to the cost of having teeth whitened at some dentist offices. Good Review!

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Thanks Mike and Eric..

Customer Reviews
Whitening Lightning Average Rating:
(6 ratings)
Whitening Lightning 5 out of 5 based on 6 ratings. 6 user reviews.
Ann Blounce — 75 months ago
5.0 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
“Great products! I love Whitening Lightening.”

They are awesome! Provided great products with great results...I will shop with them again.

Anita Giesler — 75 months ago
5.0 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
“Awesome product, Amazing results,Ggreat price !!”

I just love it, I have been using this wonderful product for almost 3 years.. with amazing results...

prie is very reasonable for what you get..

kelly rowen — 75 months ago
5.0 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
“Love WhiteningLightning”

I have been using their Super Boost pens for a while. My teeth look so much better! I recently tried the Dial a Smile kit too and loved it. Fast shipping too!

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